Connor Gaffney & The Makepeace Brothers Band – New album: SLOW DOWN FEEL LOVE


We were pleased to get a phone call today from Connor about the new album, hot as fire off the press, Slow Down Feel Love.

Connor, thanks for putting a link on The Makepeace Brother’s wall for!!! Let us know when you all tour together and we’ll meet up to film a special segment that we can post exclusively on our You Tube channel.

To our readers, I will share Connor’s email, below.

Hey there Skyler,

Like the website! It looks really good.

There was a little mistake in the part about the Album explanation though so I wanted to send you this to update it.

This past June, all four brothers, Aidan, Liam, Finian and Ciaran Makepeace along with myself, Conor Gaffney, came together at Casa Nova recording studio in Oceanside, CA to lay down 10 tracks that are now available on our new album, Slow Down Feel Love.

This album marks the first time ever that all 4 of the Brothers were able to work together on the same record. We are really excited about this album and it’s diversity! The album features a lot of friends and surprise guests as well.

Thanks so much and keep spreading the Peace!

The Makepeace Brothers

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