Yesterday around lunchtime, while most of us were busy with our work schedules and school calendars and the lines were long at Starbucks…halfway across the world…a bomb was going off killing 20 people and injuring 100! And not only is a country devastated…OUR PLANET IS DEVASTATED. Yet this was the work of only a small faction so who should we blame?
Certainly the country at large is suffering an epic battle of violent discord. How does one process a religion that is interpreted to says it is ok to kill your enemy and then yourself…that you will then go to heaven and be rewarded. As outlandish as that sounds…many struggle with the interpretations of their pious doctrines in many countries. No, there seems not to be a simple solution when a house is built with improper structure. Except maybe tear it down and to start over again?? Or let it fall down on its own with the pace of nature. Perhaps the most positive take on this whole situation is to remain steadfast in the belief that our common humanity assures us that the majority of men, women and children simply want to live peacefully and happily…enjoying the simple pleasures and common strife that is common to us all…and that the epic discord in Pakistan is not representative of all the people there. Perhaps we should just pray for them as we would pray for a brother or a sister who was in deep trouble.

In lesser Pakistani news…a toddler is charged with murder and is pictured being fingerprinted. If this was not so utterly sad it would be most comical.

It’s as if the Pakistanis are waving a huge flag that is saying, “We are really messed up over here…PLEASE HELP!”

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