Guess What? Bill Clinton makes sense!


MAKEPEACE.ORG – ADMIN – Bill Clinton’s speech recently at Rice University summarized many of the issues that we have touched on right here on this website, MAKEPEACE.ORG.

Former president, Bill Clinton spoke a lot on “globalization”. Saying this is “the age of globalization”. He spoke of a common culture and common awareness, and immigration and a burgeoning diversity. A burgeoning diversity that was unthinkable 100 years ago.

Clinton admits that he feels “our world today is unstable, unsustainable. Still forming. Unequal”. He points out that 1/2 the world lives on less than $2.00 a day!

He blames this instability, in part, on terrorism…the prospect that weapons of mass destruction, chemical, biological and nuclear…will fall into more hands. The wrong hands. So this is a huge issue that would like to focus on. There is a new sense of shared concern that even the most modern cultures of our world are vulnerable. would like to simply remind and educate everyone of this inconvenient truth. We can worry about global warming later after we know are globe is safe from nuclear weaponry, right? We want to remind everyone why WORLD PEACE (globalization) is crucial, as we also focus on the more positive images and ideas that we present. That YOU ALL present, through us.

WWW.MAKEPEACE.ORG intends only to be a channel for the people. For all of you. For everyone…globally. Again, globalization, as Mr. Clinton spoke so fervently about.

We must revitalize diplomacy. That means the United Nations needs to do a better job, needs to try harder, to bridge the gaps of communication between all the countries of the world. Amongst the leaders of the world…there must be a common understanding. A common goal. To sustain our planet. And they must begin by eliminating wars. The only war should be against terrorism. The world needs to unite against terrorism.

Stay tuned as MAKEPEACE.ORG studies the United Nations MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS and we will present this information to you in. We’re gonna break it down and tell ya like it is, folks.

In order to get everyone one the same page, as Yoko Ono says in her video segment…MAKEPEACE.ORG is working on media campaigns that include “PEACE BILLBOARDS” which would be visible at world events and also television commercials, urging people to put WORLD PEACE high on their priority list…in addition to a host of other creative ideas…with the same common goal…of promoting WORLD PEACE through the media and urging everyone to embrace our common humanity!

So, if you feel it in your heart, please donate to MAKEPEACE.ORG, no matter how small the donation. INVEST IN WORLD PEACE. FOR YOU. FOR YOUR CHILDREN. AND FOR YOUR CHILDREN’S CHILDREN.

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