Introducing…Natalie Jordaan – South Africa


Being a South African, where Human Rights are very actively promoted in contemporary times, topics such as World Peace, Human Rights, and inter-cultural acceptance and understanding are my passions!

I am a 25 year old female, currently completing my degree in International Politics with Chinese Mandarin as my second major. I am graduating in December this year. I have also been learning Japanese (speaking and writing characters) for about 4 and a half years. I have been to Japan before (a 3 month trip, alone) and I found that I fit in very comfortably with the locals and their life-styles.

I have always been interested in the world of International politics, specifically non-profit orgs. My father was a diplomat (hence, my being born in Germany and moving around so much as a child), so I grew up in an environment of cultural exchange and adapting to new situations.

Natalie has experience working through-out Western Europe, Bulgaria and the UK (in positions such as a promotional agent, modelling, executive assistant to diplomatic VIPs)

Natlie speaks German, English, Afrikaans all equally fluently, as well as basic Japanese, Mandarin and some French.

If anyone can find a more qualified embassador for…please step forward. Lol.

We have recently had several segments of Natalie filmed in various location in South Africa discussing world peace, her visit to Hiroshima and other interesting chat. Some filiming locations included places that are usually off limits. Amazing what an attractive young gal like Natalie can accomplish, however.

Please check back soon for her debut performance as one of our designated and official representatives for

We actually hope to make some presentations to the United Nations during the next 24 months and if Natalie is still willing, as a soon to be graduate in International Politics…we think she is quite qualified!

As far as somone being a genuine global citizen of this planet…Natalie is the real thing. Not predjucided by any particular culture. Amazing! Other true golabal citizens…please contact us!

Thank you Natalie. You are a special individual. Way beyond what this article is able to convey at this time.

PEACE! And thank you for your contribution to makepeace, from “the geek-sqaud” here at and especially, please accept my humblest thanks!

Your a true star right here on this planet. : )


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