Making Peace Amidst a Holocaust


Immaculée Ilibagiza survived the Rwandan Genocide. She stayed hidden over 3 months squeezed in a small bathroom with 7 other women whom she’d never met. The only reason Hutu soldiers didn’t find Immaculée and the others during the multitude of house raids was because a kind Hutu pastor took the women in his home (putting himself at risk of a cruel death) and covered the bathroom door with a large wardrobe with suitcases on top.

During the genocide, her whole family was killed by Hutu Interahamwe soldiers save one brother who was studying outside the country… In other words, her mother, her father and her two other brothers were all killed as a direct consequence of the genocide.

In spite of losing her family, and her entire way of life as she knew it, the most amazing fact concerning her ordeal was her ability to FORGIVE the killers of her family: a level of forgiveness most people find hard to fathom! However, many of today’s leaders describe this enlightened frequency of thought as what all people should strive to comprehend.

Ilibagiza speaks all over the world and is the recipient of the 2007 Mahatma Gandhi Reconciliation and Peace Award. In 2012 she was a speaker at the Christian Scholars Conference at Lipscomb University.

From Immaculée’s amazing tale, I’ve gathered that there is in fact a way to achieve happiness and personal satisfaction in life in without seeking vengeance. If the world’s leaders of today, could employ the same concept of forgiveness, I truly believe we would all share a better world and live better lives. salutes you, Immaculée Ilibagiza, you’re one special lady!

Peace and love!

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