PEACE talks with the Taliban will lead to disaster unless the insurgent group is disarmed first, Afghanistan’s former intelligence chief has warned.
Amrullah Saleh, who headed Afghanistan’s spy agency from 2004 until earlier this year, said the key to peace with the Taliban is cutting off their support from Pakistan and disarming and dismantling them before allowing them to operate as a normal political party.

Saleh said the United States should give Pakistan a deadline of July 2011 to pursue top insurgents inside their borders or threaten to send in US troops to do the job.

Saleh, who headed the Afghan National Directorate of Security until he resigned last June from Afghan president Hamid Karzai’s government, warned an audience at the National Press Club that failure to cut off Pakistani support would allow the Taliban to only pretend to make peace, then sweep back to power after NATO troops leave.

The former spy chief’s comments display the dissension at the highest levels of Afghan political society over whether to engage the Taliban in talks, or keep fighting them.

MAKEPEACE.ORG - ADMIN - (Trivia)…How many of you know that it was during the so called PEACE TALKS with Japan, during the very time that President Harry S Truman was meeting with the Japanese negotiators…that Pearl Harbor was bombed. 
Why would anyone expect true diplomacy during a war?

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