www.worldpeace.net – Our friends with a common goal!


Very soon www.MakePeace.org will have a page that will list and highlight or feature different other non profit organizations from around the world that share in our common goal, WOLRD PEACE.

We may all say it a bit differently and depict our visions in various creative fashions…but the bottom line is we all want to promote GLOBAL ONENESS.

Here is a bit of what Dr. Phil Davies has to say on his website, www.worldpeace.net:

“Welcome to the World Peace website of WOPEF (previously Peaceful World. com). HUGE changes to the site are well underway. We are on target for completion by 4 Jan 2011. We aim to drive change, for the purposes of World Peace, using hard statistics. When you complete our World Surveys we use the data to shape our core strategy – DATA DRIVEN DECISION MAKING. Thus we can push for the necessary changes, at personal, national and inter-govenmental levels, that could really facillitate a better, safer, cleaner World. So, bring on Jan 4th!”

The term we like at www.makepeace.org is DIPLOMATIC REVITALIZATION. We are finding that “the people” are not the problem. It is various global leaders who cannot communicate and keep their grubby lil paws off those red-buttons. (Show me a tax-paying family with kids that doesn’t simply wish to live in peace and raise their family and work and have some recreation!!!)

Contact: worldpeace.net@mail.com (Dr Phil Davies)

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